10 Holiday Season Tips

Beautifully wrapped Xmas gifts sit under a decorated tree on a wooden floor.

Christmas and the arrival of Santa is fast galloping up upon us...  Here are some tips and tricks to get the best out of the silly season from all of us at the Pharmacy.

Tip #1.  Don’t leave digital prints til the last minute – our machines no longer have an instant print option and will take some time to come back via the courier.

Tip #2.  When at a function with alcohol, try to grab a quick water in between refills.

Tip #3.  Reach out to friends and neighbours just like we did during lockdown. It’s the most magical feeling to know that you’ve given the gift of connection to someone who might need it at this time of year.

Tip #4.  Keep little visitors safely away from your medicines – if you usually keep them close at hand think about shifting them up high for the duration of the visit from family at Christmas.

Tip #5.  If you need pharmacy services on a weekend or public holiday, Lake Dunstan Pharmacy is open every day except Christmas Day for your pharmacy needs,

Tip #6.  Keep your wine bottle lids and bring in to the Pharmacy after the holiday season so that they can be recycled for Kidney Kids.

Tip #7.  Check your medication supplies before you leave town on holiday so you won’t run out if the trip is unexpectedly extended.

Tip #8.  Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours – two coats are better than one!

Tip #9.  If you want paracetamol to work quickly, then take 2 tablets on an empty stomach with a large glass of warm water and lie down on your right side.

Tip #10.  The morning after pill (emergency contraceptive) is available from either pharmacy following a quick consult with a pharmacist.

Our friendly staff and ready and waiting to serve you in the lead-up to Christmas. #heretohelp