Antibiotics & How to Protect Your Gut Feeling

Pink oval pills are falling through the air onto a white surface.

We are starting to see increased numbers of antibiotics heading out of our dispensary in the last couple of weeks.  If your doctor gives you a prescription to be filled later, make sure you understand what the signs are that you should fill the script and start the course. 

Here are some tips to getting the best out of your course of antibiotics…

  • Find out from the pharmacist if it should be taken with food, separated from food, or really it doesn’t matter at all.  Check the label if you are unsure.  Think about your daily routines and how the two, three or four doses per day will fit in to your work/home situation.
  • Look after yourself during the course of antibiotics – cancel anything not absolutely necessary, rest where you can, drink plenty of fluids and keep your diet as nutritionally rich as possible.
  • Once you start the course, make sure you make every effort to get to the end!  Otherwise the risk remains that left-over bacteria will unite and form the same infection again – but this time it will be harder to treat.
  • Take probiotics.  I cannot stress this enough.  It is a known and researched fact that antibiotics wipe out your protective probiotic population, leading to sore tummies, thrush, and reduced immunity for a period after the course of antibiotics.  There are suitable probiotics for every age – even babies – and we recommend that you have a supply to help you through your infection.

Our pharmacists can give you individualised advice on your antibiotics so that you can get back to good health as quickly as possible.  #heretohelp