Avene Thermal Water

White Avene thermal spring water sitting on bench in front of green plant

We are excited to now be stockists of Eau Thermale Avene which is soothing by nature, due to its Spring Water constituent.  But first, let us start from the beginning...

1736 - it all started when the Marquis de Rocozel’s horse was healed – he was suffering from stubborn pruritis and was healed after a few swims in the spring near the lovely old village of Avene, located in the Orb Valley in Southern France.  The climatic conditions provide a lush vegetation, and under the Mediterranean and Atlantic influences, Avene enjoys a perfectly balanced climate with plenty of sunshine.

By 1874 the Spring is declared to be of “Public Interest” and in the last 30 years there has been significant research produced by the Avene Dermatological Laboratories.  In fact over 150 clinical studies have been produced.

Characteristics of thermal water are a) origins that run deep; b) low mineral content, and balance between cations/anions; c) high silica content; and most importantly d) water that is bacteriologically pure, drawn directly from the spring and packaged in a sterile environment.

So when can Avene be used?

  • After removing makeup to cover face with a light soothing mist.
  • After hair removal to ease tingling.
  • After sporting activity or while travelling to rehydrate skin.
  • After shaving to calm razor rash.
  • For nappy rash to gently soothe baby’s fragile skin.
  • After surgery to increase the skin comfort.
  • For redness on the face to reduce warming sensations of rosacea etc.
  • On damaged skin to promote healing.
  • On sunburn to calm overheated skin.
  • Any sensations of skin discomfort to settle irritations and itches.

Please feel free to come and ask questions about the well-known Avene range which has a strong worldwide following.  We are here to help.