Avene Thermal Water Reviews

White Avene bottle sits on rustic bench in front of a white cup and saucer.

We are excited to now be stockists of Eau Thermale Avene which is soothing by nature, due to its spring water constituent.   But don’t just listen to us – there are many reviews from current customers....

Jennifer (70) says:  “This is the absolute best product I have ever used.  Thankfully, I found it when I was desperate for help 6 years ago.  I actually felt that my face was permanently damaged – rough, red, painful and shrivelled, until I tried this amazing Avene Thermal Water. After one year of pain at each attempt to put anything on my face, this wonderful water soothed my skin immediately.  It took time to repair the damage, but I give most of the credit to Avene and especially this spring water, the basis of their entire line of products.  You just may be as amazed as I am!”                                  

Karen (62) says:   “I use this spray alot in summer to cool my face and my son borrowed it on his wedding day!  The travel size is particularly good to carry around on hot days.”                

Alana (younger than the other two!) says:   “This is the only skincare that has cleared my skin from hormonal breakouts.  I am extremely happy and blessed to have come across it – it’s given me so much more confidence in my skin.”                                                                                    

Consider the Eau Thermale Avene range if you want to look like you drink more than 8 glasses of water daily!  Or maybe you want to go back to having a blemish-free complexion?  With winter coming on, our skin gets a bit redder & rougher hence needs extra hydration – reach for your Thermal Spring Water Spray this winter to keep on top of dry skin.  We are here to help.