Christmas Stress-Busters

Christmas Decorations on a grey background

Not many more sleeps to go until the jolly red man comes down our chimneys… Christmas is almost upon us!  Although it is mainly a time for celebration, financial pressure and family demands can sometimes lead to a stressful holiday period.  Our diet can either act as a useful preventative measure or a victim of stress, depending on how we manage it.

Important nutrients such as antioxidants, B vitamins, calcium and magnesium can often become depleted during hectic and demanding times due to the metabolic consequences of stress.  This can leave us feeling tired and low, not the best combination for the festive season.  To beat the stress this Christmas here are a few tips to help maximise your diet:

Antioxidants: Vitamins A, C and E can be sourced from fruit and vegetables, particularly bright ones such as oranges, capsicums and carrots.  Vitamin E is found in high concentrations in nuts such as almonds.  Eating 3 brazil nuts a day can boost your levels of selenium, a powerful anti-oxidant.
B Vitamins: These are important providers of energy and can be found in high levels in wholegrain foods, green leafy vegetables like spinach, and meat.
Calcium and Magnesium: These two function together and during stress fall together.  This can result in weakened muscles and an inability to relax.  While calcium can be found in dairy products, magnesium is also found in dark green leafy vegetables.  Both are contained in nuts.  IMPORTANT NOTE: If you regularly take omeprazole or pantoprazole, we recommend you take magnesium too, to prevent deficiencies.

Come and visit the Pharmacy for expert advice on the right supplement or multi-vitamin to get you through the busy period in top condition.  #heretohelp