How Best to Boost Your Immune System

Bowl of onions, tomatoes, garlic and rosemary

During winter our immune systems can feel worn out, sleep deprived and generally struggle to keep up with our own busy lifestyle.  On top of this, when the temperature drops, germs have a nasty habit of spreading like wildfire.  This can leave our immune system more exposed to bugs which develop into a common cold.

On top of eating a balanced diet and managing proper sleep time, supplements can help to fill in the other nutritional gaps.  Immune boosters help to crank up your immune system so your army can launch a mighty defence against winter ills and chills.  It’s up to you to ensure you’re giving your immune defences the best fighting chance when your body needs it most.  And August/September tends to be the time we need it most because our protective Vitamin D from March/April is wearing off.

So what are your options?

  • GO VirDefence Rapid Release contains high-strength olive leaf extract which is supportive of healthy sinuses, throat and airways.  Right now we are giving away a bottle of Vitamin C with this product!
  • Buccaline Berna – remember to redose at three month intervals to protect yourself against the complications of the common cold.
  • If you want lipospheric Vitamin C but can’t handle the sachet flavour, we now have it in a capsule form so it goes straight down the hatch!
  • Don’t forget about the benefits of garlic ... while ineffective against vampires it does have a proven advantage in reducing symptoms of the common cold.

Our friendly staff are happy to run through the options with you and make sure we pump up your immune soldiers to keep your body running smooth and strong all the way into spring this year.