How to Maximise your Discounts at the Pharmacy

Collection of beauty products: powder, foundation, eyeshadow, lashes.

We’ve recently had a bit of a shake-up with our loyalty programmes at both Cromwell Pharmacy and Lake Dunstan Pharmacy (LDP). 

Here is the lowdown on what you need to know....

The Revlon Club is running strong at Cromwell Pharmacy with a $15 discount after $150 of purchases.

The DB Cosmetics Club also gives good discounts with repeat purchases, only at Lake Dunstan.

The Self Care Rewards Club is designed for repeat purchases of supplements, vitamins & minerals, phytochemicals and nutritional supplements.  The term “Self Care” refers to you thinking ahead and keeping your body in tip-top shape instead of waiting until the bugs hit.  A prime example is using probiotics which protect you from gastrointestinal upset following antibiotics.  Self Care Rewards can be collected and redeemed at BOTH pharmacies now.

The Locals Loyalty Club running at Lake Dunstan Pharmacy recognises that locals make up a large part of their clientele, compared to the tourists that pass by the Big Fruit and the iSite.  These points can be earnt on product ranges that are unique to Lake Dunstan. 

**NEW** Supergold Cardholders now get a 10% discount off gift ranges at Cromwell Pharmacy – just present your card or mention it to us as we don’t want to age-offend anyone!

We keep confidential records of your sales on your behalf to help you remember what you have purchased in the past – it can be quite useful!  But the only reason we would use your name and address is if you have signed up for promotional or informational emails, so rest reassured your details are only used for the purpose intended.  And there’s no pesky card to keep in your wallet!  #localslookingafterlocals