Important Information for Expectant Mums

Pregnant tummy protrudes out of white clothes and the Mum holds a red rose

Your current immunisation status is really important for you to know to protect you and your family from some really nasty diseases that could be floating around. 

The reason this is important in our community of Cromwell is because we are all exposed to travellers and seasonal workers from other countries who have a different set of vaccination principles to New Zealand.  Measles is a classic example of an IMPORTANT IMPORTED disease even though NZ currently holds eradication status.

When you are thinking about conceiving a child, it is essential that you find out if you have Rubella protection already.  If not, make time to organise immunisation at least a month before conceiving.

Then while you are pregnant in the second trimester is the optimum time to have a whooping cough booster.  This is so that maternal antibodies cross the placenta to give your baby passive protection for his/her first six weeks of life until the vaccination schedule starts.  Pertussis, aka whooping cough, aka the 100-day cough, is a disease that is UNTREATABLE.  In other adults, immunity starts to disappear 5-10 years after pertussis vaccine – hence all of the grandparents of the newborn baby should also make sure they are re-vaccinated, preferably before the wee one is born.

Also while you are pregnant, the influenza vaccine is available and funded.  Because the immune system of a pregnant woman is “dampened down” significantly, exposure to flu virus would hit you really really hard.  Did you know that 80% of flu virus carriers don’t display any symptoms at all?  Therefore it could be anywhere around you without anyone knowing it.

Be proactive on behalf of your unborn baby by asking any of our pharmacists for advice – we are here to help.  #heretohelp