Influenza Vaccinations - It's Time!

Gloved hand prepares to inject upper arm with vaccine needle

In these challenging times, we try to do everything we can to look after ourselves.  But more importantly, collectively, we need to be mindful of not overwhelming the health system this year.  So, it is time to think about getting your flu vaccination to protect yourself and your family against the flu virus this winter.

Key messages:

  • Influenza vaccination is provided FREE for those who need it most;
  • Influenza can be anywhere, so you can easily catch it or spread it to other people;
  • Being young, fit or healthy will not protect you from influenza;
  • Influenza is a serious illness that can put anyone in hospital;
  • The influenza vaccine cannot give you the flu, or protect against COVID-19;
  • More than a million Kiwis get annual influenza immunisation – get it early for the best protection.

Anyone over 6 months of age can and should be vaccinated against influenza this year.

The vaccine is funded by PHARMAC for certain groups of people who are at greater risk of complications from influenza.  If you are over 65 you will be funded, or if you have a chronic condition that is on the eligible list.  Check with the pharmacist to find out.

The most important group in the community to be immunised against flu is pregnant ladies. This is because pregnant women who contract influenza have significantly higher rates of hospital admissions than women who are not pregnant.

Yes, it is possible to get your vaccination at the Pharmacy.  However, if you usually attend one of the three local Medical Centres we encourage you to continue to do this, as they operate an efficient recall system.  #heretohelp