Itchy Bottoms Can Be A Right Pain In The Backside!

Tube of Asteroid Ointment in a blue and gold box.

Itchy bottom is a very common condition which is experienced by 3 out of 4 adults at some point.  Meanwhile haemorrhoids, or piles, can be thought of as a type of varicose vein in an inconvenient location; they can be a constant annoyance or a real “pain in the backside”!

Haemorrhoids are caused by increased abdominal pressure, most often by straining to pass dry hard bowel motions, but also from being overweight, or from the physical demands of pregnancy and childbirth.

People with haemorrhoids may notice a little blood on toilet tissue following a bowel motion, but if large amounts of blood are noticed in the toilet then it is important to consult your doctor at once as other more serious conditions can cause bleeding from the bowel. You might also notice the area is itchy or irritated.

Haemorrhoids are best prevented by a high fibre diet and plenty of fluids, particularly water in the diet. Adding fibre supplements to the diet ensuring regular bowel movements each day is also helpful if there is a history of constipation. Using soft or moist toilet tissue helps with cleaning the anal area.  If your bottom is extremely uncomfortable then soak in a warm bath for up to 15 minutes, then carefully dry the area and apply an ointment such as Asteroid.

Asteroid is a new product to the NZ market.  It contains a blend of ingredients which rapidly cools, soothes, and provides a barrier action to protect itchy bottoms and external haemorrhoids.  Asteroid doesn’t have a steroid basis, therefore is suitable for use every day if needed.  It works fast and protects sensitive tissue.  Using Asteroid means that you won’t feel like you have to constantly scratch your bottom in public!