Its All About Community - Shop Local.

Covid-19 has made an enormous impact on many businesses in Cromwell.  Now, and going forward, we need to pull together and show support for the many small to medium sized businesses that are the life blood of the economy.  Shopping local is symbolic of pouring your love into your community and keeping it resilient and strong.

The social connection cannot be over-estimated – to know the people who serve you, to know their families, and to banter with them over the counter - these are the businesses that create the social fabric of the town.  The real-life experience of walking into a shop, talking with a person, and leaving with our purchase is hard to beat!  Connections are made, fun is had, and often you benefit from local expertise and advice that you may not otherwise get.  In addition, the more you support local, the more they will be able to stock products that you want to purchase.

Keep the money merry-go-round on track within Cromwell!  Support a local business that then supports a local pre-school, sports club or neighbourhood group.  Keep the fiscal flow moving through local businesses where wages are paid to a local family and consequently that family buys goods for their kids to go to school, and play netball, hockey or touch.  Everyone benefits.

Like many in the area, Cromwell Pharmacy pours sponsorship money into the local community - golf, bowling, hockey, rugby, netball, kindergarten, bike park, squash, rowing, dressage, Youth Trust, Plunket  - I could go on but I think you get the drift.  Every dollar that you direct away from spending locally is a dollar that can’t be used to support all the fun stuff happening around town!

So please do your best to make your spending choices with community in mind, be kind, and support local at every opportunity.   #supportlocal