It's Cold Sore Season in Central Otago

Child holds on tight to a biscuit being towed behind a boat on a lake in the sun

Cold sores can be unsightly and painful, from the moment they first tingle, to the final healing of the blister.  This blog will be dedicated to the main ways you can speed up the healing of a cold sore.

  1. Cold Sore Patch – This clever hydrocolloid dressing hides the sore, and speeds up healing, especially overnight.  Ladies can still wear lipstick without contaminating the wound.  The patch reduces scabbing and crusting which is important in avoiding scar tissue.  This is a hygienic method which seals the wound, and reduces the risk of spreading to other people.
  2. Zovirax Cream – This treatment provides an anti-viral medication directly to the lesion and needs to be used ASAP after the first feeling of tingling.  It must be applied FIVE times a day for best effect.  You could consider having a tube in your car or bag just in case that tingling feeling comes on.
  3. Famciclovir tablets – Famciclovir supplies the same type of treatment as Zovirax but in a tablet form.  The tablet delivers simple single-dose convenience that you will appreciate when you don’t have to touch the cold sore all the time.  If you take the tablet in the first 24 hours, the cold sore will heal around 2 days faster than usual.  We would recommend that you have a pack of Famciclovir on hand now that summer and sun exposure is here.
  4. Lysine – this preventative supplement really does work!  One tablet daily will stop the cold sore from erupting in the first place.  It is well worth the $$$ spent.

Cold sores are embarrassing.  If you dread that first tingle, wondering how big and visible it will be or what people will think, come and talk to our friendly Pharmacy staff.  You no longer have to hide until it’s gone!