Medico Pak Makes it Easy to Take Your Medications Correctly

Older woman on sunny beach smiling and holding Medico Pak

Is there someone in your family who would benefit from getting medicines packed by our Pharmacy team? 

We provide this service to a mixture of customers whether they be young or old, or busy travelling people who like to see at a glance whether they have taken their daily doses or not.  The packs are discreet and portable, and portions can be torn off the main pack for daytrips if necessary.  Labelling of medications is a serious issue if you are travelling through customs, and Medico Paks provide clear evidence that your medications are formatted for you personally – providing safe, secure and tamper-proof compartments.  Medico takes the hassle out of prescriptions by putting you back in charge.  


Medico Paks are ideal for:

  • People on multiple medications
  • People on holiday or with busy lifestyles
  • Caregivers who need a system they can trust (particularly if there are multiple caregivers)
  • Difficult or reducing regimens
  • Children or adolescents
  • People with long-term chronic conditions.


Medico Pak is a clever, convenient way of packaging multiple medicines so that they are simplified into one discreet pack.  It is not expensive when you consider the peace of mind it will provide.  Ask our dispensary staff for an example of a Medico Pak which is formatted either weekly or monthly.  If you like, you can trial the first month to see if it suits you. Here is just another example of the way the friendly team at Cromwell Pharmacy supports your medication needs.