Optimal Recovery after Surgery, Injury or Childbirth

Sportsman holds knee with internal bones visible as if on xray

Arnica is one of the most well-known homeopathic remedies.  It has been used for over 200 years in situations of trauma to help speed recovery.  It is most useful where there is bruising and swelling, making it a popular choice to support the body’s recovery following surgery.

The use of Arnica after surgery was tested in a 2006 randomised controlled clinical trial in which it was tested against placebo to assess its effectiveness for bruising following face-lift surgery.  The study found that the patients who had taken homeopathic Arnica showed less bruising than those in the placebo group.  Many mainstream plastic surgeons have subsequently incorporated its use for after the surgical procedure.

Now, a new review of Arnica in the American Journal of Therapeutics suggests that it may “represent a valid alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in some conditions.”  The review explored the safety and effectiveness of Arnica in post-surgical settings and found it to be more effective than placebo when used for the treatment of pain, swelling and bruising following trauma or surgery.

Homeopaths all over the world have used Arnica to help patients in situations with bruising and swelling, and it is always encouraging to have historical use supported by more recent studies such as these.  Next time you are visiting a relative or friend after surgery or injury, or supporting a new mother after child-birth, think about taking them some Arnica spray instead of grapes, and impress them with your caring AND practicality.