Oral Contraceptive Pill is Now Available Over the Counter.

Green pill packet with the days of the week listed

Great news for women who regularly take the oral contraceptive pill – now the supply legislation has been updated so that you can buy it directly from the Pharmacy without visiting a GP. 

Our pharmacists have undertaken a specialised training so that we are able to sell ‘the pill’ if it is deemed appropriate.

It certainly will be more convenient for ladies to see a pharmacist in our consulting room without an appointment.  The consultation will always be private, and there is a thorough checklist of questions for you to answer before the pill will be dispensed.  For instance, ladies must be at least 16 years old, have been prescribed the oral contraceptive in the past three years, and stick to the type that has been previously used. 

There are several risk factors associated with taking the oral contraceptive (BMI, blood pressure, family history etc), and pharmacists will check these with the woman to interpret an overall risk assessment, before making a clinical decision on whether it is in fact appropriate to be supplied by a Pharmacist, or whether the woman should return to the Doctor.  The health referral system in New Zealand is very strongly adhered to, so that the public can be reassured if one level of health professional is not clinically equipped to deal with a situation, they will refer upwards to the next level of expertise.

The pharmacist will ALWAYS act in the best interests of the woman concerned.

This is a great initiative by pharmacists to make it more convenient for the supply of oral contraceptives in New Zealand.  Please note: there is no Government subsidy when supplied by a Pharmacist.