Prepare For Winter

Woman empties pill bottle into hand, orange on bench behind

There are several important things you can do to help your body prepare for the colds and flus that we see most often in wintertime. 

The important thing to remember is that if your body is primed and healthy, it will deal with these bug invasions the way that nature intended.  Primed and healthy can be described as: your sleep bank is full, your body cells are fed with nutrient rich foods, and your good bacteria outnumber your bad bacteria.  Your body has a strong system of fighting unwanted pathogens which appear in the mouth and throat when you inhale them in, but all these ingredients need to be in place for the system to be efficient.

Vitamin D supplements.  Also known as the “happy hormone”, vitamin D is absent in the winter due to the lack of exposure to enough sunshine.  There are reports that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) could be the result of lower circulating Vitamin D levels in our bodies, and perhaps why we succumb to various infections more in the winter than in the summer. 

Blis K12 throat lozenges.  To coat the throat and mouth with probiotics to “search-and-destroy” any bad bugs that you breathe in.  Prevention is better than cure.

Buccaline Berna. A short course every three months helps to protect you from the complications of a cold.

This will be a challenging year for all, and the onus is on every individual to remain as germ-free as they can possibly be.  The most important thing of all, is to collectively, make every effort not to overwhelm our health system.  Our pharmacy staff are trained and here to help.  #heretohelp