Ready to Quit Smoking?

Hand holds a smoking cigarette

Here are some tips on using your NRT properly.

  • Rotate the area that you place the patch on so that you don’t get red adhesive marks.
  • If your sleep has been disturbed from the patch, you can remove it at night.
  • The best effect comes at least 8 weeks of use after which most of the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine have settled by then.
  • You should use your gum or lozenges regularly through the day – every hour if necessary.  It is better to pre-empt the cravings than wait for them to kick in.
  • A common side effect from too much nicotine is feeling queasy – if this happens reduce your dose slightly.
  • Pregnant women should always remove their nicotine patch at night while sleeping.
  • Mouth ulcers are a sign of tobacco withdrawal – the pharmacist can help you to relieve the pain.
  • Keep all NRT out of reach of children as it is a source of poisoning… don’t leave it lying around… treat it like a strong medicine when children are concerned.

It is really difficult to give up smoking on your own – so involve as many supporters as possible.  Reminder texts and emails and phone calls can be arranged from local support groups.  Remember the pharmacist is always on hand to give advice and support about getting the best result from your nicotine replacement therapy.  Make 2020 the winter you give up for good!