Sweet Dreams, Little One...

Toddler in blue tshirt sleeps soundly on his side eyes closed mouth open

A sleeping baby is magical, but getting them off to sleep is often the tricky part!

Introducing Euky Bear’s Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid which creates the ultimate all-in-one sleep aid for you and your baby.

From birth we all have the innate ability to sleep, but babies often need to learn the “how” from us. If sleep was a skill, then a consistent bedtime routine is its cornerstone, and this routine may include sleep cues, like sound, light and touch.

The Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid combines the latest in sleep science with the gentle wisdom of nature to let your little one know it’s time to rest.  With sound therapy, light therapy and aromatherapy all in one, it’s a new parent’s dream helper.

You can choose different sounds for baby to fall asleep to – waterfalls, heart beats or lullabies.

You can also choose different colours that complement the nursery.  Or even better, the red light therapy encourages production of the sleepy hormone melatonin helping baby to learn to settle at bedtime as the lights go low.

As an optional extra you can use the Euky Bear system to deliver aromatherapy with blends formulated for different purposes.  For instance:

  • Sniffly Nose – a clearing blend containing eucalyptus
  • Sleepy Time – a sleepy blend containing organic lavender
  • Tummy Ease – a soothing blend containing organic spearmint
  • Cuddle Calm – a nurturing blend containing organic mandarin
  • Bee Happy – an uplifting blend containing organic sweet orange.

We are delighted to be able to recommend Euky Bear to help the whole family settle into some restful nights this winter.  We are here to help.