Top Tips for Eye Infections

Close up of a red sore eye.

We have noticed many eye infections in the last few days, so it is timely reminder on how best to avoid the spread of conjunctivitis.  Yellow sticky eyes with crusted lids on waking generally indicates that an infection is present and can be treated in the following way:

  • The Pharmacist can sell you Chlorafast eye-drops and Chlorsig ointment for treatment.  Use both for optimal effect.
  • If you wear contact lenses, you must see your GP or optometrist promptly as it could be more serious.
  • Clearing the discharge away with water or saline immediately before you treat will give you a better effect.
  • Always wash your hands well BEFORE and AFTER treatment to avoid spreading the germs.
  • Children need to be kept away from day-care and other children until the discharge has disappeared.  Children under the age of 2 years should be taken to the GP.
  • After instilling an eye-drop, pinch the sides of the bridge of the nose to hold the drops in the eye for longer – otherwise they will shoot down the tear duct and be gone.
  • Continue using antibacterial treatment until the symptoms are clear and then for TWO days afterwards as well.
  • Ladies replace your mascara every six months and after an infection, as the bacteria just love this moist little hiding place.
  • Don’t share flannels/pillowcases with anyone else and keep well away from elderly/babies and sick people who may have lowered immunity.

Finally, if you are not sure if it is an eye infection or not, come and talk to our pharmacists who are trained to provide health advice for you and your family.  We are here to help.