World Breastfeeding Week

Cromwell Pharmacy is a Breast-Feeding Friendly Accredited Pharmacy

This week New Zealand celebrates World Breastfeeding Week which helps to promote well-being from the start of life. 

Here at Cromwell Pharmacy we support all types of feeding – both breast and bottle – and like all health professionals we aim to provide clear and impartial information to all mothers regarding baby feeding.  Breast-feeding has a special significance for sustainability allowing for less environmental impact on the fragile world we inhabit.

Mothers are welcome to feed their children in our Pharmacy – in either the private consulting room, seating area or children’s area.  It is warm, comfortable and non-judgmental.

Did you know there is a free app for Apple and Android users which contains information on breastfeeding and alcohol?  It’s called Feed Safe and will help you make informed choices about the use of alcohol, quantity, risks and timing of feeds.  An Otago mother describes it: “What a great tool for breastfeeding Mums who want to enjoy an occasional drink. With a quick tap I can either see how long until it’s safe to feed my baby, or what the time will be.”

And on the subject of apps, there is also one called BURP – Breastfeeding’s Ultimate Refuel Place.  Yes, you will find Cromwell Pharmacy on the BURP location list, however you might find this app particularly worthwhile if you are in an unfamiliar town for a visit.

Life doesn’t stop when you have a baby to feed!  But luckily there are tools to keep you connected with your community.  Ideally in time the increased exposure of breastfeeding in public will result in it being accepted as “unremarkably normal” by all.