Xmas Message from All our Staff

Pinky-red hristmas decorations and a Merry Christmas message to all

So often in the rush of business we forget to spend a moment to say how much we appreciate your custom.  And we are acutely aware that most of the time you would prefer NOT to be sick or NOT to have to take the medicines prescribed!


This holiday season we are CLOSED on ALL public holidays.  Our opening hours are aligned to the business days, and when we are closed you have three options:

  1. Visit Lake Dunstan Pharmacy – open EVERY day except Christmas Day;
  2. Visit the on-duty Medical Centre in Cromwell - they hold supplies of emergency medicines; or
  3. Phone the after-hours number 0274 953 353 - may attract a call-out fee.

Please remember to consider your medication needs carefully before the end of the working week or before you travel away from home!

Our biggest concern at Christmas time is the change of environment for people who are taking medicines regularly for chronic conditions.  Have you thought about where you will store them while you are staying away from home? Have you thought about visitors to your home including children and pets that are more inquisitive than you are used to?  Please keep all medicines safely stored out of the reach of little people and animals.

Cromwell is a friendly town full of delightful people, and we truly enjoy and appreciate our interactions with you when you visit our store.  We also take pride in looking after the healthcare needs of your family and visitors during the holiday season.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Lucky New Year.


From the friendly team at the Cromwell Pharmacy:

Jackie, Stacey, Cindy, Trudy, Lizzy, Joseph & Kelsi out back in the dispensary.

Kathy, Sheryl, Anna, Robyn & Sharon at the retail counters.