Your Privacy Matters To Us

The word Privacy is typewritten on the tab of a filing cabinet

Maintaining your privacy according to the new Privacy Act 2020 is very important to us. This blog outlines some of the ways you can be assured of a confidential service at the pharmacy.

We recognise you by name and address and maintain this check at every interaction so that we don’t accidentally give out the wrong medicine to the wrong person.

Identifiable rubbish is sent to a company specialising in the destruction of confidential medical documents.

You can have access to any records or notes we hold in our computer system by making request to the pharmacist – this would usually be available within 24 hours.

Information about prescriptions is sent to Sector Services in Whanganui for the purposes of claiming prescription subsidies. 

To give you the best care, records on prescriptions are available electronically to authorised healthcare providers involved in your care via a secure database known as Healthone.  Speak to our pharmacist if you wish to restrict the sharing of your records.

We encourage the use of our private consulting area for sensitive discussions instore, and our staff prefer to be out of the earshot of other customers too.

We are legally obliged to collect your name and address for Pharmacist-Only sales of medicines such as Voltaren, Canesten, Buccaline, Panadol Osteo and Phenergan etc.  When we collect this information, it is only used for the purposes of that sale and future Pharmacist-Only Sales.

We especially try to be discrete when mentioning controlled drugs for your safety.  We would respond to the terms “out the back” or “special cupboard” to help us collect them for you, if you wish.

Sometimes we will contact the doctor on your behalf but will make every effort to get your consent first.  For further information feel free to chat to our friendly team.  #heretohelp